New World: How to get the mount

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Updated:15:17, 04 October 2023
Published:07:24, 04 October 2023

One of the biggest features in New World: Rise of the Angry Earth are the mounts and here is how you get started with the system.

Mounts have finally arrived in New World but even though Amazon Game Studios gave a few directions to let you know how to get one, they are outside the game so it's possible you missed them.

If you are looking to get all the necessary info about your mount, you have come to the right place.

First, you will need two things to qualify for having a mount at all - level 25 and Rise of the Angry Earth expansion. If either one is missing, you can't start the quest.

If you satisfy both conditions, you will see two quest icons appear on the map, resembling a horseshoe. One is in Oxboro, the town in Everfall, and the other one is directly north of it.

The quest in the town basically just points you to the quest at the northern Everfall border so you might as well skip directly to it.

New World

Once you're there, you will need to talk with Jochi Khan, who will give you the mount rundown.

The quest is rather straightforward - you go to a couple of places and then you need to craft oats for your first horse. They are crafted at the camp so if there aren't any camps nearby that you can claim, just sprout one up yourself and use it to craft the item.

Once that's done, proceed to the next quest marker, feed the horse and then return to Jochi to get your first mount. It will be delivered as an item in your inventory so open the interface and double-click the Moonshadow horse to equip it.

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