Forza Motorsport Review

Published:14:41, 04 October 2023

A new era for Xbox's racing sim Forza Motorsport is finally here.

Forza Motorsport is back. After more than six years since Forza Motorsport 7, Turn 10 Studios have delivered their new vision for the iconic franchise, which has been built from the ground up for the new Xbox Series consoles and PC.

Ever since the game was officially revealed back in 2020, Xbox and Turn 10 were pretty adamant that Forza Motorsport would be a truly groundbreaking racing title, with unmatched visual fidelity and a physics system that would put the beloved predecessor to shame.

But did it deliver? Is Forza Motorsport truly the Forza game we've been waiting for? I've spent over 30 hours playing the game on PC over the last week or so, racing on all 20 tracks in the new Career Mode and other modes the game has to offer. Here's what I think about Xbox's latest exclusive.

Forza Motorsport


Forza Motorsport Career comes with a total of five class categories that include five series each and each series comes with five races on different tracks. Obviously, every series introduces a different car class so you'll be racing in blazing-fast Super Cars, powerful American Muscles and classic old-timers to name a few.

You'll pick one of the unlocked series, choose your preferred car that fits the class category and you're ready to go. Before every race, you'll be able to familiarise yourself with the track and the car in Practice sessions, which clock at ten minutes or so. Just like in real life, Practice sessions are perfect for setting up the car by tuning breaks, and suspension and finding the car's limit so you know what your ride is capable of in the actual race.

Setups actually do matter in Forza Motorsport, as you'll discover if you mess up and get an oversteer monster. The difference that you can create by tweaking the setup is not marginal, which should make racing enthusiasts quite satisfied.

Forza motorsport


During practice and in every other session you'll score points to level up your car and unlock upgrades. Be it a single-player free-play race, a featured multiplayer or something completely different, Forza Motorsport rewards you for driving your car with Car XP.

Since this is a bit of a controversial topic among the community, as the level-up system was quite polarising, I must say that I find the whole CARPG concept refreshing and engaging, giving you a strong sense of progression and making you really connect with the car.

I know this is what Turn 10 have been saying all along but honestly, it's the truth. Levelling up in Forza Motorsport is probably the most fun I've ever had with the career mode in the racing sim genre.